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Mom/Model Naomi Cooper Christensen and Attorney Marcus Landsberg discuss current events and interview fascinating people through the filter of their own idiosyncratic life stories.

April 13, 2020

Episode 12 - Lee Huffman Credit Card Rewards (and some fraternity stories)

This is our last episode! Lee Huffman of Bald Thoughts comes on the show to talk about how walked out on his job in corporate finance and started supporting his family by traveling the world and writing about it. Lee teaches how to use credit card points and miles to travel with free flights, hotels, and all types of amenities.

Eighteen minutes in we dig deeper and Lee starts talking about how his father’s passing triggered him to make the jump to become a travel writer and podcaster specializing in world travel. From this we move into the importance of “presence” in parenthood, the difference of living between Nashville and Los Angeles, and the importance of being the “center of your web” in business networking.

At about 32 minutes in, we take a hard left turn and Lee allows us to reminisce about a couple different Fraternity parties he would have thrown at Phi Kappa Tau - Fullerton in the late 90’s and we revisit some old stories, well outside the statute of limitations. Finally, we rely on Lee’s podcasting experience and ask him what we can do to make the Aloha Friday Podcast better. Bentonville, Arkansas makes a surprise appearance

And you heard that right, this is our last podcast… of this season. We heard from Lee, but we also want to hear from you! What would YOU like to hear differently next season? Less Marcus? More Naomi? More actresses? More comedians? More old stories? More news? We know what we want to change, tell us what YOU’D like to hear! Please LIKE, SUBSCRIBE and COMMENT on our podcast to get notification when we start producing Season 2!

Some of the links mentioned by Lee Huffman:
* CashbackMonitor.com - get rewards on online shopping
* BaldThoughts.com/dosh - additional cash back from credit cards at participating retailers and restaurants
* BaldThoughts.com - miles and points blog - reviews of credit cards, flights/hotels, and products
* WeTravelThere.com - weekly travel podcast; 30 minutes interview that come out every Monday
* BaldThoughts.com/freecourse - free 7-day email course to show how to take your dream vacation for less

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